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Your pilot has the discretion and full authority to cancel and or terminate a flight at any time.


Circumstances beyond our control, such as weather, mechanicals or physiological needs, could require OGAC to reschedule your flight.


Your sightseeing flight experience will begin at engine startup and will end at engine shutdown. The actual flight time, airborne, may vary from flight to flight.


All passengers must be at least 14 years of age or older. Passengers requiring parent authorization must have a legal guardian present during the sightseeing flight.



Passengers weight is restricted to a maximum of 230 lbs. 


Only one passenger per flight.


Please download, read and sign the liability flight waiver. This document is required for your flight


To help enhance your sightseeing flight experience, download the passenger questionnaire. This will help our staff provide you a tailor made experience. This is not a requirement for your flight

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